MAKE Award

To boosts organizations’ knowledge-based management capability, INCKM holds The Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award; in association with Teleos.

MAKE Award

Inaugurated in 1998, the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award was conducted by Teleos (a foremost independent research company in knowledge management and intellectual capital areas) in association with the KNOW network every year. It seeks to recognize organizations which out-perform their peers in creating shareholder’s wealth by transforming tacit and explicit enterprise knowledge and intellectual capital into superior products/services/solutions. It consists of the annual Global MAKE Award - the international benchmark for best practice knowledge organizations, and similar studies at regional/national levels. The winners of the Global MAKE Award are selected by an expert panel comprising of business executives from Fortune 500 companies, leading knowledge-management practitioners as well as intellectual capital experts.

Iran MAKE Award

Iran Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study is part of Teleos’ MAKE Research program. Iran MAKE study was established in 2011 to recognize organizations (founded and headquartered in Iran) for their ability to create shareholder value (or in the case of public and non-profit organizations, to increase stakeholder value) by transforming new as well as existing enterprise knowledge into superior products/services/solutions.

Iran MAKE study is based on the several assessing processes (see Assessment Process). In Iran MAKE study to identify those organizations which are leaders in creating organizational intellectual capital and value through the transformation of individual/enterprise knowledge after several deliberation rounds the participants are ranked.

MAKE Award organization

  • Iran MAKE Organiser: Iran MAKE award is being held under supervision of a certified research or academic institute. The organiser is chosen by Iran MAKE Award official representative and confirmed by Teleos according to Teleos’s terms and conditions. The organiser’s main obligations:
  • Official Representative of MAKE Award in Iran
    Official representative of MAKE award in Iran is responsible for coordination with the KNOW Network and cooperation and supervision of the Iran MAKE Award Organiser in all the executive affairs and planning for holding Iran MAKE award who is known as the secretary of Iran MAKE Award.
  • Iran MAKE Award Supreme Council
    Iran MAKE Award Supreme Council consists of knowledge- based management experts from the organiser institute i.e. Sharif University of Technology and is responsible for policy making in holding the award based on the rules and regulations delivered by Teleos.
  • Iran MAKE Expert Panel
    Iran MAKE Expert Panel consists of knowledge, innovation and intellectual capital management experts from all over Iran which is responsible for assessing Iran MAKE award nominees according to Iran MAKE Award Assessment process. Iran MAKE Expert Panel members are certified by approve of the Iran MAKE Award official representative.

Assessment Process

Iran Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) research program is based on several phases of assessment process.

Iran MAKE expert panel consisted of senior executives, including the chief executive officers, chief information officers, chief knowledge officers of successful Iranian companies, chief knowledge officers and leading knowledge management, intellectual capital, innovation, and organizational learning practitioners drawn from business, consulting, academia and research. This panel assess the Nominees in three phases.

Every attempt is made to make the judgments unbiased by calling for inquiries from the invited expert to declare the name of nominees to which they are affiliated or has had any kind of relation include financial and non- financial transactions.

The expert panel in every three phases are provided with knowledge about the nominees include their declaration form which consists of the details of their strategies, missions and their effort in knowledge- based management.

1. Having been completed and submitted by the organizations, the assessment forms (declaration forms) are sent to 5 of the Iran MAKE expert panel members in the first phase. This group is comprised of at least one expert in knowledge, intellectual capital, and innovation management who is specialist in the field of work of the nominee too. After assessments, deduction and summarisation of Iran MAKE panel’s comments on all nominees’ state, the primary ranking are introduced by secretariat.

2. In the second phase different teams from Iran MAKE expert panel conducte an on- site observation on the top 10 nominees considering their first phase of assessment. The other Nominees separately present their activities for a team of 3 to 5 persons from Iran MAKE Expert panel. After summarising and concluding from comments of Iran MAKE Expert panel by the secretariat, second revision of Iran MAKE Award ranking (Semi final Ranking) is determined and the top five ranked organizations go through the final assessment phase.

3. Third phase is held in attendance of the entire MAKE expert panel and nominated organizations. In this part, each of top five organizations presents their activities according to eight MAKE award’s dimensions and contribute in question and answer session. Afterward, Iran MAKE expert panel members are asked to assess organization’s state based on 8 MAKE award’s Framework dimensions and according to the presented points by organization’s delegates and assessment reports of first and second phases. Having summarised and deducted from MAKE Expert Panels’ comments, Iran MAKE introduced 3 winners to Asian award.

In each phase, the expert panel rates Iran MAKE nominees against the eight MAKE knowledge performance dimensions.

  • creating an enterprise knowledge-driven culture
  • developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership
  • delivering knowledge-based products/services/solutions
  • maximizing enterprise intellectual capital
  • creating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing
  • creating a learning organization
  • delivering value based on customer knowledge
  • transforming enterprise knowledge into organizational wealth

To find out more about Iran MAKE award, current nomination processes and report of the past rounds of Iran MAKE award since 2011 please go to our Persian version of website.

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