Long Term Programs

Leaders are constantly encountering a variety of challenges in global business environment and need to be nurtured in more concentrated programs. Offering executive degree programs, our long term programs provide the leaders with invaluable opportunities and truly equip them with highly effective insights and capabilities. Through partnership with international universities and institutes, we accredit the offered programs internationally and open up new avenues for the participants of the programs to the international business world.

Joint DBA on Knowledge- based management according to Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Framework

In todays’ competitive environment, transformation from a traditional economic systems, technology improvements and changing management to a professional expertly has made knowledge the pillar of survival in service, production and supervision of the enterprises. Being constantly successful and possess it as a sustainable core competency also the ability of targeting the enterprise’s desired state demands the enterprise to manage their knowledge assets through identifying, acquiring, maintaining and sharing knowledge.

Industrial Management Institute (IMI), and Teleos in conjunction with Sharif University of Technology, which serves as advisor of the program, is inaugurating its joint Doctoral of Business Administration program.

Program Objective

This Joint Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program has been designed for advanced practitioners in the knowledge business community interested in expanding their knowledge base, professional contacts, and options for the future.

Using both the theoretical and practical approaches, this curriculum provides the participants with comprehensive insights into solving complex problems in knowledge base management of enterprises in any sectors. This program is taught by the most selective experienced professors

This program prepares forward-looking business leaders to have a knowledge-based view in the dynamic and complex world of knowledge economy. Graduates will be prepared to have essential roles as corporate executives, entrepreneurs, or practitioners/consultants in knowledge- based, innovation and intellectual capital management fields.

The curriculum views the world of business and commerce through the prism of knowledge- based management. Theory and practice are linked through learning opportunities provided by the international experts and experience of members of different best practice organizations from all around the globe in seminars, research projects, case studies, and field-based assignments.

Some the features of the program:

The most comprehensive PhD equivalent graduate program based on The MAKE award Framework in association with Teleos (United Kingdom) the most certified study of knowledge enterprises.

The most selective prominent international and national professors, experts and advisors teach the subjects through online or on campus presence.

Equivalent doctorate of business administration is grated by IMI, and Teleos in conjunction with Sharif University of Technology as the advisor of the program.

Publishing the roster of alumni in Teleos official website the holder and founder of Global MAKE award

Field trips and visit to Iranian MAKE Nominees during the courses

Free membership in Iran National Knowledge Management Network powered by Sharif University of Technology and have the full access to the membership features

Free registration in annual conference on "Value Adding Management of Knowledge Innovation and Intellectual Capital (KIIC)" at Sharif University of Technology

Classes are hold in non woking time of the wee

The possibility of taking part in international tours include world knowledge forum, benchmarking visit through payment and abiding by the rules and regulations of participation in each of the tours.

Prospective Student:

Managers of knowledge based public and private sectors

Managers in strategy making, politicizing, research of human resource. quality and strategy

The supervisors and directors of research teams

Consultants in knowledge based business


program curriculum:

This program consists of 8 main modules based on MAKE award Framework as follow:

Create a Knowledge-Driven Organizational Culture

Developing Knowledge Workers through Leadership

Knowledge-Based Innovation

Managing Intellectual Capital

Collaborative Knowledge Sharing

Organizational Learning

Creating Value from Customer Knowledge

Value Creation Performance


Persian and English

program Structure:

The D.B.A. program is designed to provide managers and practitioners with global knowledge-based insights which emphasises the use of both practical and theoretical approaches to develop and enhance all aspects of organizational performance and looking at the organizations through a knowledge-based lens. 8 modules along with cases review sessions, and practical part are organised around this goal. The successful completion of both theoretical and practical part needs research skills and the discovery of new knowledge as students search for solutions to problems in a developing and deploying knowledge- based approach in all aspects of business in the enterprise.

The program consists of theoretical and practical parts:

I. Theoretical courses: within 12 months, eight modules on knowledge- based management according to MAKE award framework is presented. The length of study in Each module is 6 week. Being completely under supervision of professors and experts, the students participate in on campus classes in which they benefit from electronic and in person seminars and virtual seminars.

The following items are presented in each modules:

The fundamental characteristics of Iranian organizations by Iranian professors in practical workshops and reviewing the challenges and intrinsic inheritances

The practical approaches to succeed in Knowledge- based management by international professors and advisors

Iranian managers presentations and practical visits to some of Iranian organizations’ companies on each module

International organizations’ presentations on each of the modules via video lectures, e- learning courses, and in person master classes.

The students must pass the final exam after each modules and the comprehensive examination on all 8 modules will be given at the end of the whole course. Those participants who pass all the exams will go through Students may not proceed to Dissertation courses until they have passed the Comprehensive Exam composed of questions from the Core and Concentration courses. These questions test a student’s command of the theoretical underpinnings and breadth of knowledge

II. Practical course: practical project in the selected enterprise for 18 months. The students must improve the selected enterprise’s knowledge– based management under supervision of Iranian and international professors and experts. The project is assessed based of the defined and implemented activities by the students of the program in the selected enterprise based on MAKE framework criteria.

Length of Study:

Overall length of the program is 30 months include 12 month Theoretical courses and 18 months for practical part.


10,000 USD plus 140,000,000 IR RIYAL (Student loans are also available based on the rules of the provider)

Doctorate Certification:

The students who passed both Theoretical and Practical part are awarded equivalent Doctorate Certification from IMI and Teleos (United Kingdom) in association with Sharif University of Technology, Iran MAKE award Secretariat.

Admission Requirements:

Holding master degree in management or IMI MBA

Holding master degree in engineering or other related majors

Three years of work experience after under graduation

Passing the entrance exam

Passing the interview

Passing Prerequisite courses which will be determined by the committee

Entrance Exam:

The students cannot enrol in the proqramme unless they passed both entrance examination and interview.

Examination Context: Current issues in management (in Persian), general knowledge of English and management contexts reading comprehensions (in English) and educational talent test.

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