Founded in 2007, Centre for Knowledge-based Management (INCKM) is the most influential entity in West Asia for guiding companies in developing and deploying their strategy and maintaining the momentum and competitiveness to respond to the needs and expectations of their shareholders/stakeholders and society in today’s knowledge economy. Comprised of the most certified talented researchers and experts of the country, and maintaining long term positive connection with the most prominent experts and professors in management disciplines in national and international level, this centre acts as the reference for assessment and measurement of the maturity level of organizations from all sectors and sizes. The organizational development and management services offered by INCKM includes a wide spectrum of services to the organizations of all sectors as well as academic society West Asia.

INCKM’s members have valuable research experiences in knowledge- based management and their research projects’ results are available for its clients and some of their research results have been disseminated in certified journals and conference proceedings.

Some of INCKM’s missions are as follow:

  • Studies the enterprises’ states quo and the gap between their current and desired statues based on their strategies in an interactive manner and finds their strengths and weaknesses in their in organizational management
  • Helps organizations to reach excellence and identifies the fields of focus via best approaches to become more competitive
  • Researches on fundamental questions related to mapping, codifying, extracting, and utilizing various forms of knowledge in organizations and measuring and Helping communicating the enterprises’ state.
  • Develops novel approaches, models and tools to help enterprises sustain their core competencies and competitiveness in the knowledge economy to outperform their peers
  • Trains enterprises’ people as the enablers of the enterprises to have a knowledge- based thinking, decision making and performance and enables them to have the acumen to act proactively in todays’ complex highly competitive business environment

Our true advantage lies in our thorough and constantly updating knowledge about organizations’ status quo on their excellence level and leveraging their human resources to address their requisites. Toward its vision and mission, INCKM offers many services to those enterprises that are looking for enhancement in all of their management affairs and are passionate about having the best performance possible.

We believe that there is no one-fits- all approach to any of enterprises’ management aspects. Hence, we found it the best approach to rely on the enterprise’s people as the main change leaders within the enterprise and have started training the leaders of the enterprises to be knowledge- leaders.

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